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Casa Maria is adjacent to Mission San Juan Bautista and was built in the late 1920's. It was originally a parish hall. A generous benefactor from Chicago that moved to San Benito County hired an architect from Los Angeles to design and build the facility. The site was leased out in 1955 and became a very popular Italian restaurant known as Cadematori's Restaurant.

It was returned to Mission San Juan Bautista in 1997 and was restored during 2001. We are proud to present for your enjoyment a fully restored and beautified Casa Maria.

Experience the ambiance, the serenity and the privacy of this marvelously restored, old Mediterranean style facility. View the rich soils of the San Juan Valley with the rolling hills that serves as a landscape for its setting.

Restored to perfection, Casa Maria provides old warmth and new classic accommodations to make this a place...Where Memories Are Made!